SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO Is Important:

There are only 2 reasons you need SEO to survive and thrive

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches performed every day on Google? That means that no matter your line of work, people are searching for your business online.

\"OneGoogle sends you business. Organic search is the solution

In other words, organic traffic has staying power. It’s sustainable!

Paid search gets as low as 6% of the clicks for a keyword. Most people will ignore paid searches completely, opting for organic results almost all (94%) of the time.

2 reasons for SEOYour competitors are already stealing your business by doing it.

Whether you’re an internet business or local store, if you’re not on Google for your niche’s top keywords, then you can guarantee that someone else is. SEO is 10x more effective than social media. It is responsible for 51% of website traffic and generates 40% of revenue.

SEO organic searchesEvery month, 4800 potential customers search for “plumber melbourne”

There are 32.9 million search results.

Choosing just one page of results from 32.9 million options is a tough job for any machine, even Google.

To decide, it looks at factors like the words you use in your content, your content’s structure, and where else it is referenced on the web.

Nail these factors, and you’ve won a constant organic source of leads courtesy of the world’s largest search engine.

In February 2016 i took over the OBrien Real Estate account from WME Web Marketing Experts.

I have increased :

  • Traffic by 383.93%
  • Users by 374.09%
  • Page Views by 127.01%